Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, it’s off to the Good Will I go

In an effort to get out of the house for an hour on Saturday and remain sober until noon, I made my usual Saturday morning hike to the neighborhood Goodwill. I’ve come to have a deep fondness for the Saturday “Will” crowd. I normally spot one to three pedophile’s lurking around the children’s seasonal swim swear aisle, a 10 child Mexican Army that got dropped off by their dad “John” while he slipped away to find work nearby, the Saturday staff that looks more like weathered belts previously owned by a mechanic than what you would normally think of a “woman”….. and then my favorite, the 30 something married type that married her first good lay and is secretly ashamed to be seen at the Will so she traveled 20 miles from her own near by second-hand stores so that she wouldn’t be spotted by any of her fellow Jr. League lady “friends”.

And then there is me, begging for reason to get out of the house and make up an excuse to put a second-hand store purchase on my new Marriott card because I’ve convinced myself that by financing at least $100 a week that I will miraculously rack up enough points to gain access to a free week at a category 7, Ritz-Carlton (Ill keep you posted on my points).

So anyways, I get there and am pretty elated when I spot a 1972 inspired dresser with two mirrors attached for the whopping price of $44. I unattached the mirrors, made my way to the backyard and sprayed away.

Originally attached to a 6 drawer dresser


One thought on “Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, it’s off to the Good Will I go

  1. I’m so impressed by your refinishing work not to mention this started my Saturday off with a huge smile! I even read aloud to Olivia so she could get to know her aunt Jamie that way when the in person introduction takes place there’s no suprises! Love

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