50 Shades of Dishes

As a seeker of schtick, I’ve recently tried to fine tune my fondness towards cheap thrill shopping and dishes. I don’t know what it is about taking home an entire table setting for under $10 but it really gets me going. When I come across a real good find (like the hand painted blue and white plates below – 8 for $8) I’ll even skip my normal sonic drive through routine where I pick up a cherry-limeade before making the trip back home. The trick is to drink half of it in the car and then pour yourself a victory vodka shot into the half empty Styrofoam cup when you get home…….. you’re welcome.


Handpainted plate set, second hand Good Will purchase for $8.00. When I saw them felt an intense feeling that I had to urinate came over myself, I knew I needed them.

Summer setting – I love the layers of blue and white, its about as preppy as I get

Earth setting – for all my hipster dinner guests

My holiday look – As much as I try to abandon red and gold, it pulls me back in…. like crack in detroit.

Festive?…. eeerr, maybe not so much.

My “cock” setting – Too much? Maybe…

$1.99 goblett from Goodwill… I bought them out!

$.99 Goodwill coffee cups

$5.99 Goodwill vase


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