The 10 Day Challenge

It’s the first day of spring, I’m rounding my second year of marriage, things are on the up and up, yet my libido seems to be dying a rather quick death – like one of those deaths where it found out that it had six months to live and instead of reaching out to its loved ones and making up for lost time, its decided to just lay down and take a nap until its fight for life has come to a close.

My efforts to take my personal sex drive to the limits through self stimulated masturbation is not going as planned and it’s clear to me that it will not be my new schtick. While my intentions were set to become a crusader for independent stimulation, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot come to terms with private time, I’m clearly too insecure or my vagina is truly sexist.
THEREFORE, I have decided to take a 10 day challenge laid out here through the scientific method. Will you take the challenge? 
Formulation of a question:
How can I regain my inner slut? 
Frequent sex may improve my skin, immunity, energy levels and take me from my go-to missionary and back to backwards cowgirl making for a happier and more communicative marriage.
I predict that I will have obstacles throughout my journey. I predict that by willingly having sex with my husband for 10 days, I will form a habitual desire to engage in sexual behavioral activities routinely and will re-discover my desire to drop it like its hot. 
To begin on Thursday, March 21
I must be actively engage and proposition sex on a daily basis for ten days.
My husband is not to know of the challenge until the challenge is completed.

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