Day 1

It’s day one of the 10 day challenge and I’m behind schedule as usual. I went to bed anxious last night, I set my alarm for earlier than normal – not by too much, I figured we’d only need about 5 minutes. I laid my cell directly next to me on the night stand so that I would hear the sound of “thrift shop” awake me so that I could get a kick start to my 10 day sex bender. Unfortunately, my body has the same reaction to waking up to work out as it does to waking up to have sex. I pressed snooze about 8 times until my husband did his normal departure wave out the bedroom door.

I am not deterred yet though. Just as I do with my not so routine running schedule, I will just have to take care of business after work. I mean sex on the weekdays can’t be that difficult, right?


Day 1 Continued:
Mission status: complete
Time of day: approx 5:30 pm
Level of enthusiasm:




One thought on “Day 1

  1. Day one: homerun!

    Like a runner in baseball, it was an aggressive attempt to score very late in the game.

    Here’s to day two!

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