Challenged Out

p>OK, so the challenge didn’t quite go as expected for me. As a neglected child from an athletic family,  I can proudly say it wasn’t a losing season  (thank gawd), my challenge record was 6-4.

Not that good, but not that bad either. 

Plus, the challenge inspired other tired wives and lady friends to mix up period panty Tuesdays and full back Fridays for something a little more, how shall I say, less mommy-like. I can also proudly report that I met my husband at home, on a Monday, in the afternoon, for a little vagin / penis meet and greet. Can I get a WHA WHA? I think I let our mid afternoon throw down get to my head though, it was like this act removed me from my obligation to finish the challenge strong. After day five, I got tired. Real tired. it went something like this (minus the fuchsia dress).  

I was actually a bit surprised by the level of enthusiasm by my fellow challengers. Two of them in particular had an almost perfect record.

So what did we learn?

Well, we learned that I can in fact get turned on a Monday and married women can challenge themselves and take their pop tarts to new – well really old heights. That’s pretty much the big take away for me.

Since the completion of the challenge, things in my house settled back into place…. just the way I like it.