Challenged Out

p>OK, so the challenge didn’t quite go as expected for me. As a neglected child from an athletic family,  I can proudly say it wasn’t a losing season  (thank gawd), my challenge record was 6-4.

Not that good, but not that bad either. 

Plus, the challenge inspired other tired wives and lady friends to mix up period panty Tuesdays and full back Fridays for something a little more, how shall I say, less mommy-like. I can also proudly report that I met my husband at home, on a Monday, in the afternoon, for a little vagin / penis meet and greet. Can I get a WHA WHA? I think I let our mid afternoon throw down get to my head though, it was like this act removed me from my obligation to finish the challenge strong. After day five, I got tired. Real tired. it went something like this (minus the fuchsia dress).  

I was actually a bit surprised by the level of enthusiasm by my fellow challengers. Two of them in particular had an almost perfect record.

So what did we learn?

Well, we learned that I can in fact get turned on a Monday and married women can challenge themselves and take their pop tarts to new – well really old heights. That’s pretty much the big take away for me.

Since the completion of the challenge, things in my house settled back into place…. just the way I like it.


Marital Sex Blog: 29 day Challenge?

Marital Sex Blog: 29 day Challenge?

Through the ten day challenge, I’ve been doing some research and found this blog: To Love, Honor and Vacuum

True to form I skipped through most of the psycho analytic babble and jumped to the good stuff, but it’s already prompted an afternoon rendezvous! 

Day 2

Queue the Law & Order transition music.

Today started off similar to yesterday however, my commitment to waking up early was even more deflated than yesterday, in large part due to my triumphant day one. As my bear-like husband awoke me this morning, I thought to myself do it – just do it, now’s the time! It was almost as if I was trying to convince myself that there was a chance I would be able to gather my wits and climb aboard, but all the while knowing that I didn’t have it in me to put him in me. It’s Friday though, and you all know what that means….. cockers, lots and lots of cockers. Lucky for me, we received a nice plump package of fresh Omaho Steaks yesterday that will come in handy tonight, there’s nothing like a medium rare piece of red meat to get my clam chowdering.

Will day two blow my cover? I have this fear of him turning me down or worse, finding out about the challenge…

Mission Status: Pending
Anticipated scene in my living room tonight (I’m playing the part of the reindeer): 


Day 2 Continued:
Status: Incomplete
Reason: Rejection
Feeling: Defeated
Vodka Count: 6
Level of disappointment: